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Leroy F. Martinez, Fine Artist

Leroy F. Martinez has a Bachelor's degree in Public Administration and a Doctorate in Law. He has taken all art studio classes at the Laguna College of Art and Design toward a second Bachelor's degree. Prior to retirement, Leroy learned stone sculpting at the same school. Leroy retired on March 2000. Since, Leroy has continued his art, even though research and writing are his primary endeavors.

Leroy has traced his family routes back to the first Spanish settlement in New Mexico, 1598. There is much Spanish Colonial art which influenced Leroy's art content.

A series of oils of Veteran patients' at the V.A. Hospital, were donated to the Long Beach V.A. Hospital. One of the oil paintings "Letter to Jesus" is on display at the Pentagon in Washington DC.

"It's never too late in life to do art"



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