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Spanish Colonial Art

Crucifix 10th Century Replica
From a "Libellus Scintillae Scripturarum" Manuscript
Mixed Media on Wood Panel
 8" x 10 3/4"
Price: $200.00

Virgin de Guadalupe
Oil on Wood Panel
12' x 22 1/2"
Price: $500.00

Chimayo Chapel Crucifix


Colonial Sun


Crucifix Blue


Holy Spirit

Lady of Rocio

Lady of Puerto Rico

Lady of Solitude

Lady of Mt Carmel

Lamb of God

Lamb Sitting

Magdalene After Perugio


Mary Magdalene


Mt Carmel

Rafael Angel

Response to Bisttram Greatgrandma Placida Ortega

San Luis

Sanctuario Chimayo
Oil on canvas

Oil on wood



Pinewood, Oils, Gold Leaf
14" x 22"
Price: $500.00

Retablos became popular in the American continent in the early 1500ís after the Spanish Conquest of Mexico City.

Retablos are small paintings on tin, wood, or copper which venerate various Catholic saints. Retablos were used in home altars and churches as devotional pieces and were commonly invoked for protection. They are religious paintings which were sometimes created as offerings for a miracle that occurred or as a means to illustrate narrative stories.

The inside center of this Retablo is the image of Jesus Christ himself.

At the inside left is San or Saint Gabriel the Archangel. He is the protector of mothers and small children. Gabriel is the preeminent messenger, sent to tell Mary that she would bear a child conceived of the Holy Spirit. He is the patron of communication workers. His feast days are March 22 and September 29.

The inside right is San Miguel or Saint Michael. He is the leader of good angels in the battle fought in heaven against Satan. He is a patron of children and soldiers. His feast days are May 8 and September 29.

The outside left as the Retablo doors are closed is Nuestra Senora de Refugio de Pecadores or Our Lady of Refuge of Sinners. The original image of this Mary may be an altarpiece in Frascati, Italy and a copy was brought to Zacatecas, New Spain, in 1719 by a Jesuit missionary.

The outside right as the Retablo doors are closed is San Jose or Saint Joseph and the child Jesus.  Joseph is wearing colors of red and green (colors of new life) with a lilies design as a symbol of purity. 





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