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Water Colors

Vendome Pavilion, Aix-en-Provence
11" x 15 1/2", custom frame

Tanneurs Fountain, Aix-en-Provence
7" x 10", custom frame

Bedouin Girl

St. Peregrine Chapel




Boy on Sydney Beach

Still Life

Wailing Wall

Last Judgment

Black Mesa, NM

Grandpa, Savannah


San Juan Pueblo

Gates of Chimayo

New Mexico Colonial Door

Chimayo Store

Rusty Cans

Pot Stove

San Juan Pueblo Boy

San Juan Pueblo Girl

Harvest Milagro

St. Xavier, AZ

St. Peregrine Chapel

Still Life

Still Life

St. Francis, Taos

Wrecked Trains

Nino Labrador

San Juan Pueblo #1
(Boy with U.S. Flag)

San Juan Pueblo #2
(Blue/White Face)

(Stringing Chile)

Parroquia Santa Fe

Arizona Sunset

San Juan Pueblo #3


Flowers II

Flowers III

Family Tree


Christina Portrait



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